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* Preload
* Musplay
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* Cdman
* Tgt-edif
* fx2_programmer
* Software Radio
* LIGO viewer
* DAQ system

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This is a website for miscellaneous projects designed and maintained by Vladimir Dergachev.

Guide to project webpages
Project Description
hw_script - provides direct access to pci devices from Tcl/Tk
preload - Speed up your linux system
musplay - Play simple tunes using (almost) any Xserver
mixer - Save/set/restore settings of your soundcard
cdman - Control your cdrom from command line
tgt-edif - EDIF 2.0.0 output module for Icarus verilog compiler
fx2_programmer - A programmer for Cypress Semiconductors EzUSB FX2 (CY7C68013) chip
Software Radio - A project to create a software radio device.
LIGO viewer - A viewer for data collected by LIGO project.
DAQ system - A data acquisition system built around Digilent FPGA board and TI demo modules.

Other projects in which I participate that are not hosted here:

  • GATOS - TV/video drivers for ATI videocards
  • Canonscanner - a project to create drivers for canon usb scanners
  • Ps-i - an environment for design and study of agent-based models
  • XFree86
  • LIGO - this is a very large project to detect gravitational waves. One may think of it as a giant software radio tuned to audio frequency band. However, the input are not oscillations in the electric or magnetic fields, but oscillations in the relative length between perpendicular paths.

Also I have been working on some mathematics.

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