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* fx2_programmer
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Guide to CVS tree
Module Directory Description
hw_script hw_script - provides direct access to pci devices from Tcl/Tk
preload preload - Speed up your linux system
musplay musplay - Play simple tunes using (almost) any Xserver
mixer mixer - Save/set/restore settings of your soundcard
cdman cdman - Control your cdrom from command line
tgt-edif tgt-edif - EDIF 2.0.0 output module for Icarus verilog compiler
fx2_programmer fx2_programmer - a programmer utility for Cypress CY7C68013 chips
8051 8051 - Some experimental code for 8051 compatible microprocessor inside CY7C68013 chip
ligo-viewer ligo-viewer - A viewer for data collected by LIGO project.
* * - Directories not mentioned above are for reference purposes only

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