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fx2_programmer is a small utility to access Cypress Semiconductor CY7C68013 chip. It allows uploading RAM contents from binary files and Intel hex format files as well as dumping memory contents and exercising USB endpoints.

How to use:

fx2_programmer  bus device function [parameters]

       Function    Parameters            Description
       dump_busses                       show all available devices
       dump        start len             dump RAM contents
       bulk_dump   endpoint len chunk    dump data read of bulk endpoint
       bulk_bench  endpoint len chunk    benchmark throughput of bulk endpoint
       upload      file start len        upload binary file to RAM
       set         address byte          changes values of a single byte
       program     file.ihx              programs fx2 using Intel hex format file

Download fx2_programmer from Sourceforge

More on programming Cypress FX2 chip:

Programming FX2 chip in Linux environment is quite easy:
  • Download and install SDCC compiler.
  • Download and install libusb - userspace USB access library.
  • Download and install fx2_programmer.
  • Checkout 8051 module from CVS.
  • You can now program FX2 8051 microcontroller in C. Example: Notes:
    • Use xdata qualifier for access to registers.
    • Pass -mmcs51 flag to SDCC compiler to generate code for 8051 microcontroller.

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