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Tgt-edif is an EDIF 2.0.0 output module for Icarus verilog compiler. At the moment it has been tested to produce output for Atmel AT40K devices.

What works:

  • all logic primitives
  • some lpm devices:
    • adder
    • dff
    • mux (select width 1)
  • all constants

You can access tgt-edif sourcecode from Sourceforge CVS, cvs module name is tgt-edif.

Getting it to work with your FPGA

Would you like tgt-edif to produce output consumable by your place and route tool? All your need to do is to create a custom *.inc file - take a look at and for examples. Also, you will find in CVS two sample verilog files addc.v and sample.v which you can run through a synthesizer to produce sample netlists that will work for your chip.


  • Tue Jul 10 14:25:33 2001 Now all logic works.
  • Mon Jul 09 15:29:25 2001 Finished a big rewrite. tgt-edif now outputs flat netlists.
  • Sun Aug 05 05:35:26 2001 First cut at support for Xilinx Spartan II fpgas
  • Sun Aug 05 05:51:13 2001 Added instructions to README on adding support for new FPGAs.

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