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Preload is an experimental software to optimize file access patterns in Linux kernel.

What it does:

As you probably know the Linux kernel does not load data off disk each time it needs it. Instead the kernel uses a sophisticated method of reusing data already in the memory and postponing disk access until the very last moment.

So it may happen that your 9 meg static netscape runs in far less space, especially if you don't use netscape news,email and other stuff..

You (I think) also know that hard disks have two type of access - sequential, where data is read from sequential blocks and random where data is read from random location. To perform a random access the hard drive performs a seek operation to find the place where the data is. This seek operation is very time-consuming.

It is therefore plausible to imagine a situation where a clever program will speed up the filesystem by observing, analysing and making use of data access patterns in the filesystem. This is precisely what this package is intended to do.

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