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The data acqusition system pictured above can acquire data with 24-bit resolution at 50 kS/s and output high precision (16 and 20 bit) voltages. It was created with mostly Open Source software, with the exception of two components: Xilinx WebKit and Digilent Adept, both of which are freely available, but closed source.

Why not use ready-made commercial cards ?

  • There is often a large lag between release of new ADCs and DACs from manufacturers and when they become available in commercial cards.
  • High end cards are usually very expensive.
  • There is usually no access to FPGA and no way to enforce particular timing regimes (i.e. you cannot sync your digital circuits to a GPS module or other custom clock)
  • A data sheet for a TI or Analog ADC has exhaustive documation of device performance. A commercial ADC card often says that it is "16-bit" and, maybe, provides absolute maximum voltages.
  • There is a disturbing tendency of many companies to force their custom software on users, which interferes with application in real-life situations.

Advantages of custom DAQ system

  • You have complete control over FPGA programming:
    • Input and use custom clocks
    • Create and output custom clocks, use them to annotate acquired samples.
    • Implement control circuits directly in FPGA.
  • Use Ethernet to transfer data to main analysis computer.
  • Use ready made evaluation boards or make your own for latest ADC/DAC chips from any manufacturer.

Features of this daq system

  • Accepts 24-bit 50 kS/s TI ADC modules.
  • Accepts 16 and 20 bit TI DAC modules.
  • Interfaces to main data acquisition computer via 100 Mbit ethernet cable.
  • Design made mostly with Open Source software, with the exception of FPGA programming tools (Xilinx Webkit and Digilent Adept).
  • Part cost less than $1000 for a single unit.

Papers using this daq system


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